I’ve put us behind / I said / because what else / could / I’ve said

I’ve put behind / the possibility / ies, in plural / because / even those who remember / still / the past / know the future / is multiple

I don’t need to sculpture / in stone / what has been imprinted / by embrace / and I cannot forget / how my heart / beat / before / & / after / how it beat / then / & / now.

jep, some romantic kitsch i must get out of the system. bear with me


At the edge of the meadow
we stopped life
like two tiny seed
in a moist soil, waiting for the great eruption.

When the emptying moon rose between the distant
mountains we started sprouting
in surprise and muteness. Nothing was louder
than white teeth in the night
and a good hidden groan
coming loose between us, like smoke, first heavy
than soft, softer than the dim white moon.

But this tale has no ending
except for the seed everything has stayed there, at the edge
of green meadow, under the shade of the first trees,
in the moist soil, under the dome of stars,
for the heat of your heart on my heart, through
all the layers, I’ll
keep waiting.


S h o r t L i n e s o n W i n t er – nominee

Very happy to learn my poem Short Lines on Winter has been nominated for Best of the Net by Right Hand Pointing.

This is the first time such acknowledgement comes my way and I am naturally thrilled. This come from RHP, which publish a lot of wonderful things through the year, makes it all more tasty. Or that might just be the champagne.

You can read it here.


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