the rain
is falling

on those
demons trating
against those
who crave
too much
to their

it falls
on those
whose names
are shouted
with hatred

it falls
on things

in tangible

cartoon scripts
lover ‘s
tear drops

it never
falls on an
empty heart
filled with
in tangible
de sire
to know
it self

it anew

© Guy Traiber

A Postcard to an Unknown Address

School is about to start again but there is no class there called Solving Loneliness, where you get the warm body of knowledge, of a woman, to remind yourself of possibilities. It’s all just folded paper notes stuck between the wall’s old stones.

I already know.

The days are still too hot to breathe normally, even if some fresh green grass has grown between the thirsty trees and cracks in the land.

My tongue is slightly cracked.
Along its middle line.

The nights get chilled enough for my bare shoulder to start think of winter though it’s not before my groin freezes that I will remember it in the morning. I do remember you in the morning, then I wonder if you made it to the sea or do you still up high, splitting wood for winter, feeding the unchained dog in hope it will free you too one day. You don’t need a folded paper. You already know.

Stick your tongue out
I’ll stick mine
then we might know
what’s missing.

© Guy Traiber

The Weather in Review

I don’t like the post that the reblog button has created.


I love Jeanne’s work and I want you to enjoy that too.

press the link to find yourself on her website and read her wonderful words
The Weather in Review


I also wish to support two beautiful souls so I quietly give here their crowdfunding project details.

Ilhaam Project


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